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Steps for Finding Mechanics in 2022

Wrench for Spark Plugs

Nowadays, traditional ways of finding mechanics are no longer working. Word-of-mouth and job boards are often overlooked by the most qualified mechanics. Ads that look like every other ad, signs in windows that say “We’re HIRING” is all white noise since every company is hiring right now.

What Does Work?

Recruiting mechanics with digital marketing must go beyond a post on your facebook page and a paragraph on the Careers page of your website. Again, that is just more of the same white noise coming from most shops, even most companies in 2022. That said, your website and facebook page must be positioned for when mechanics research you online before applying and they will research you. Why? Because of our strategically placed and pitched Facebook ads. 

Step 1: Auto Repair Shop Credibility

Without sacrificing your customer message, there are little things we can do to make sure prospective mechanics will respond well to your website. They aren’t visiting it to learn about the position; they first want to know if you are a credible shop. The best mechanics know it and they want to be associated with the best shops. Does your website look like the best shop in town? 

Step 2: Social Media - The LIKE Factor

They will visit the shop’s facebook page to determine if you are likable. Do you have a lot of followers? There needs to be posts about the team members and management so that both the customers will want to bring their cars to you and prospective mechanics will believe they will enjoy working with you more than their current job.

Step 3: Auto Repair Shop Facebook Ads

We will launch a series of well crafted and strategically placed Facebook ads to get in front of the mechanics in your area. We plan, launch, and manage these ads so that mechanics don’t see just one message, but a series of messages to help them realize the benefits of considering employment with you. In another blog, we discuss these ads in more detail. Check it out.

Step 4: Qualify and Screen

Once the mechanics begin to funnel through the ads, we will screen them based on your desired questions to rank them for you. We will send out any rejection notices to unqualified candidates. Our process is positioned so that you can just request to meet the top select few and we will help coordinate that with you too. The goal is to take the headaches of hiring away from you, but also get your shop fully staffed as quickly as possible.


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